Photo of MCC President Anne M. Kress
Today, for so many the promise of the American Dream starts at MCC.

Fulfilling. Our Community's Promise. When MCC first threw open its doors 50 years ago, that was our charge. Today, we are proud to have impacted the lives of so many over the last five decades, but we are also mindful of the imperative to keep delivering on MCC's promise and potential as our community's college.

As we take our cue from the past in providing our community with the skilled labor force and engaged citizens it requires, we also understand that community needs have shifted and are far more complex. Our focus has been fine-tuned because of our responsibility to our students; today, our mission is as much about enabling student success as it is about providing access to quality higher education.

We know that education and training are key to our students' futures, the well-being of our region and our country's global competitiveness. Today, for so many—the company owner, the fresh-faced student, the entrepreneur, the displaced worker—the promise of the American Dream starts at MCC.

Anne M. Kress, Ph.D.

President, Monroe Community College